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Remanufactured MTU 4000


No need to change systematically, very often renovation is possible or even preferable!


Best economic and technical alternative, to carry out your major maintenance, in an industrial, sustainable and state-of-the-art way, we work on site.

With a fully equipped workshop, we also carry out overhaul of diesel engines, compressors and generators.

We systematically proceed in the workshop or on site, as follows:

  •     Disassembly, checks, cleaning, estimation of supplements
  •     Issuance of an interim report
  •     Exclusive use of original manufacturer parts, renovation or repair of components
  •     Reassembly of assemblies and sub-assemblies, tests
  •     Start-up, configuration, transition to the test bench
  •     Issuance of reports, measurement sheets, bench readings

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