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En tant qu'agent officiel MTU et ZF, nous avons toute la capacité de vous proposer, fournir, diagnostiquer, réparer, améliorer vos systèmes de commande MTU ou ZF qui gèrent et vous permettent de piloter vos propulsions.

Découvrez ci-dessous les différents systèmes et n'hesitez pas à nous contacter pour tout besoin s'y associant.

Systems using MTU technology MCS 5:

smartline is a standard ship automation system based on today’s technology platform MCS-5. The deliberately simple designed monitoring system for Series 2000 and S60 engines is quick to install and does not cost the earth. It is primarily used in smaller yachts and workboats.

The standard ship automation system blueline is based on today’s MCS-5 platform and offers a more comprehensive solution. The system system was specially developed for yachts by MTU in close cooperation with the shipbuilders but it is also in service in patrol vessels and workboats.

For standard automation systems, bluevision provides the most sophisticated and extensively developed solution. The system is available in a fully classifiable as well as a less complex, non-classifiable version. A particular feature is the system’s color monitor, which affords an excellent overview of the ship’s propulsion plant (all engines, gearboxes, waterjets for instance) as well as other monitored areas of the vessel (pumps, doors, motors etc.).

Découvrez en exclusivité les nouveaux systèmes de commande MTU !

BlueVision NewGeneration is based on the automation platform MCS-6, successor of today’s platform MCS-5. The MCS-6 hardware developed by MTU will be individually configured according to the respective application and customer requirements. The focus here is on highly specialized MTU components that are combined with commercial off-the-shelf products (COTS) into modular, scalable solutions.

The system is going be introduced in several steps and will be available for a multitude of MTU Series 2000 and 4000 engines.

BlueVision_Basic NewGeneration is a non-classifiable monitoring and propulsion remote control system for MTU Series 2000 and 4000 engines. This version incorporates a deliberately simple design and provides a complete basic functionality.

The system is available at particularly favorable conditions and quick to install.
BlueVision_Basic NewGeneration is primarily used in smaller yachts.

BlueVision_Advanced NewGeneration is a classifiable monitoring and remote control system for yachts, offering a comprehensive standard automation solution. The system is available for MTU Series 2000 and 4000 engines.

BlueVision_Advanced NewGeneration is primarily used in performance and displacement yachts.

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